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4dollar7up Sites is the tradename used for sites in the James Manning Group.
When you make a payment on one of our sites, it will either show that you are paying 4dollar7up Sites, or TurnkeyWebsite.Store, depending on the particular processor you are using to pay us.


Newest Sites & Programs

You can find the full list of 4dollar7up Sites using the menu at the top, but here are a few of the newest, special programs that we are using to build income online. We highly recommend you check them out.


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List Master

ListMaster.Me is designed to help you build a real viral List of Subscribers at no cost (or you can upgrade to broadcast more often), plus help you build your CTFO downline business (which is also free to join and earn) all in own system.


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Real Income Club

Real Income Club will help you build a lucrative and profitable business downline in both TrafficWave.net and CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome). You can join and get started for less than $20 and earn through 10 (or more with CTFO) viral levels.


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6k Giveaway Club

You can build your own real list of subscribers using 6k Giveaway Club's free system. The system itself is free, but you do have to connect it to an autoresponder service, which is the only way you can have a real list of subscribers.


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Awesome Text Ads Club

This is the newest, fun site that has most every type of advertising available, including and "all new" Auto-Surf feature, which also happens to be connected to the Real Time Surf Network, where you can get visitors from over 100 other exchanges.


Due to all of the recent issues regarding payment processing, we have finally settled on how we are going to accept payments going forward. You can pay via Debit & Credit card through an easy-to-use gateway; you can pay via SquareCash, which is probably even easier; and, you can pay use via our PayPal.me link, which shows you are paying us at:


At any of our sites that offer commissions, please go to your Profile and enter either your entire PayPal.me link, or your SquareCash Tag. We prefer to pay commissions as quickly as possible, so please enter this info when you join. If you cannot accept either, we can send via Xoom by PayPal, which allows payments to almost any country; however, the fee will be deducted from your commission payment.