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Below is a list of all the Sites that we currently own and operate. Please use the links provided to join.
We highly recommend using the systems provided, as well as the advertising sites. You can earn commissions in the advertising sites and build residual income in the systems that we have cleverly created. Please contact James if you have questions about how any of them work!


Featured Site



Featured Site



Due to all of the recent issues regarding payment processing, we have finally settled on how we are going to accept payments going forward. You can pay via Debit & Credit card through an easy-to-use gateway; you can pay via SquareCash, which is probably even easier; and, you can pay use via our PayPal.me link, which shows you are paying us at:


At any of our sites that offer commissions, please go to your Profile and enter either your entire PayPal.me link, or your SquareCash Tag. We prefer to pay commissions as quickly as possible, so please enter this info when you join. If you cannot accept either, we can send via Xoom by PayPal, which allows payments to almost any country; however, the fee will be deducted from your commission payment.